Alone the letters J-A-G are Jack and Aletha Goodale's initials. Put the letters together, add 50+ years of experience in construction and property management, and all of a sudden JAG gains more significance. Formed in 2017, JAG Development, Inc. was created to manage the family's privately owned business and undeveloped properties.

More specifically JAG Development, Inc. is the construction and development company for The Atonne Group, LLC, the holding company for Jack and Aletha Goodale. We are the development manager for all of the undeveloped properties, as well as, the new construction additions and remodels for the privately owned companies providing consultancy and advisory services to maximize the potential return on investment.

Currently, JAG Development, Inc. is in the process of developing over 100+ of their family-owned parcels located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the surrounding areas. Our property portfolio is diverse, comprised of single-family homes near Jamestown, comfortable living condos in Jenison, apartment buildings in Standale, and available empty lots in Cascade.

Our success in the industry has fueled our growth and strengthened our strategic partnerships with the best local resources in town. JAG Development, Inc. commits to the highest quality, precise professionalism, and superior results for all of their project developments.

Condos Headline - Duplex Image